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Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Review : Latin American Gastronomic Fair at the Bolivar Hall - London

Typical Mexican Food,  Mole, tamales..

Latin American Food in London has been increasing in popularity amongst not only Latin people, but people from Europe and around the world,they seem very keen when it comes to Latin Food. Specially in a very multicultural city, there is always an opportunity to try the Latin American cuisine.

And its even better to have a sample of food from around Latin America under one roof! Therefore there was an event the second this year, (1st one taking place at Kensington, please see other post) . This time The Bolivar Hall was the venue who hold the Latin American gastronomic fair.   

The Bolivar Hall, in central London, an excellent location near Warren Street, is always having different latin American events happening, form live Music, exhibitions, dance shows, etc.
The Bolivar Hall
A variety of different Latin American countries where present at the Gastronomic Fair, from the popular Mexican cuisine, food form Argentina, Venezuela, Panama, Ecuador, Chile, Nicaragua and Bolivia.

Argentinian Empanadas

Venezuelan Food ! from Mi cocina es tuya

Food from Panama

Food from Ecuador

A selection of Chilean desserts

The Bolivian food Stand
The Bolivian stand soon sol out of Saltenas, which proved very popular amongst everyone at the event. also other traditional dishes were sold, as well as mocochinchi, the drink that also sold out.

food from Nicaragua
The event was well received by the public, many enjoyed the food, the drinks the desserts, and also the performance from the Bolivian group " Bolivian Heritage", we danced Morenada, and the public really enjoy it, we thank you the organizers at the Bolivar Hall, and we are sure to see them next year!

Bolivian heritage dancers ( Video courtesy of the Bolivian Embassy in UK ) 

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