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Hobbies and Crafts

One of the hobbies that I like doing when I  have the time is to do some of hand made design cards, I think its nice to give something different and personalised your presents :)      For this card I made everything from, the ballet shoes, adding a bit of a little diamante to give it a little sparkle, and used the lace because i think that gives it that vintage look. And its something totally different !!

      Ballet Shoes !! My design of a clasic dance item :)

Bolivian inspired Card
For this card I first painted the background with acrylic paint !! I used a black background because I wanted the image to stand out , the image is simple, its the "Illimani" from La Paz- Bolivia, a landmark of my country Bolivia :) I took the inspiration from a similar picture, which I was given as a present from my dad. The flutes and pan flutes are also made by me, so basically everything is hand made ;)
I think this card as well as being unique it needs someone who can also be able to display it !! hehe and now who could I give it to ??? :)

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