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Raspberry Tequila Nieve 

Ingredients :
200g Caster Sugar
500g Raspberries 
Juice of 1/2 lime
3 tbsp Tequila 

Gently heat 150g of the sugar with 150ml of water in a heavy-bottomed panto make a sugar syrup. When the sugar dissolved, boil for three minutes, remove from the heat and set aside.

Puree the raspberries and remaining sugar in a food processor.

Pass the puree through a sieve to remove the pips.

Add the sugar syrup to the puree, together with the lime juice and only one tablespoon of the tequila (too much alcohol will mean the nieve will never freeze properly).

Pour the mixture into a shallow freezer proof container or tray and place in the freezer for about two hours until partially frozen.
After two hours, remove the nieve from the freezer and mix it up with a fork to break up any ice forming. return to the freezer and leave for another hour. Repeat the process until you have a crunchy frozen Nieve.

Serve the nieve in small bowls with a little extra tequila poured on top :)  

Lemon And Lime Cheesecake :) 

For the Crum Crust
10 Digestive Biscuits, crushed
50g butter, melted
25g demarara sugar

For the filling:
150ml double cream
397g can condensed milk
175g low-fat cream cheese, at room temperature.
zested rind and juice of 2 large lemons
zested rind and juice of 1 1/2 limes

To decorate:
150ml whipping cream, chilled
1/2 lime, thinly slice.

Jelly toping : juice of 3 limes
50 grams of sugar
2 leaves of gelatine

1.- First make the crust: put the ingredients in a bowl and stir until mixed. Turn out into a 20cm loose-bottomed quiche tin and press firmly and evenly over the bottom and up the sides using the back of a metal spoon. Chill for 30 minutes until set.

2.- Make the filling: place the double cream, condensed milk and cream cheese in a bowl with the lemon and lime rinds. Mix throughly. Using a balloon whisk, gradually whisk in the lemos and lime juices and continue whisking until the mixture thickens.

3.- Pour the lemon and lime filling into the crum crust and spread evenly, Cover and chill overnight.

4.- Optional .- You can also decorate it with a jelly tompping, as I've done here, you warm up the juice and 50 grams of sugar. Once hot remove and add 2 leaves of soaked gelatine, and allow to cool slightly. Pour over the top of the cheesecake to create a glaze and allow to set in the fridge.

5.- Whip the cream until it just holds its shape. Decorate the cheesecake with the swirls of whipped cream and slices of lime. Then return to the refrigerator.

Enjoy !!! ;)

Empanadas de Queso Bolivianas

Ingredientes para las empanadas de queso :)
  • 3 tazas de ahrina cernida
  • 2 cucharas de manteca
  • 3 cucharillas de polvo de hornear
  • 4 huevos
  • 1/2 cucharilla de sal
  • 2 cucharas de azucar
  • Pizca de bicarbonato
  • Mis empanadas de queso !!! :)
  • leche diluida lo necesario
  • tres claras de huevo 
  • un queso mediano
Mezcla la harina, polvo de hornear, azucar, sal y bicarbonato, agreaga la manteca, hasta que tome la apariencia de arenilla; haz un hueco en la maza y an~ade tres yemas de huevo y amase bien alternando con la leche hasta formar una pasta suave y compacta que pueda desprenderse facilmente del recipiente. forma pequen~ias bolitas y estiralas con el uslero dandole forma ovalada.
para el relleno mezcla el queso previamente rallado con las clares de huevo batidas a punto nieve, y con una cuchara divides y vas rellenando cada porcion de la masa y de ahi se se las cierran bien y repulgando el contorno para darles la forma de empanadas :)
Despues en latas previamente enmantecadas, se hornean a temperatura regular durante 20 o 30 minutos pintando previamente la parte superior de las empanadas con el resto de la yema de huevo.

En vez de la manteca yo utilize una mantequilla que se utiliza en Inglaterra, para reposteria y se llama Stork.

Si conoces alguna otra forma de hacerlas, o alguna otra pagina, por favor , comparte :)


  1. uhm! bolivian enpanadas! i was loockin6 this recipe lon6 time! many thanks! :)

    1. You are welcome !! :) hope you enjoy them !! :)