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Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Review :Coal Vaults, my favourite cocktail bar in London + my favourite cocktail: Bolivia

There is nothing better than finding a nice cocktail bar in London, and even better,  finding a delicious cocktail named after the country I come from: Bolivia.
Coal Vaults is a bar and restaurant tucked away in a renovated, you guess it: coal vault, on Soho's Wardour Street, offering delicious cocktails and tapas-size dishes.

And as you enter through a more or less, hidden door, down into a cosy cove of bare brick walls and low lighting, you discover the mysterious and amazing place, which will become one of your favorite. 

Preparing the Bolivia Cocktail
I was eager to try the cocktail : Bolivia ... and Nat ( the very friendly bartender) explained to me that they use home-made roasted cocoa bitters, and the cocoa they use is from Bolivia. And as he explained more about the cocktail, I listened to him fascinated..

I totally enjoyed the cocktail, it is by far one of my favorites,, and I still need to go back to try the rest !! they've got a selection of unique and creative cocktails.

I wouldn't want to give away more about it... you've got to visit and try it for yourself ;) 
Bolivia : Cocktail

The amazing Bar , where the magic happens.