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Saturday, 23 February 2013

Miss Obleas: Fashion

Love this season monochrome, stripes theme ! I can see already many different styles mixing the two, and I made an stripy t-shirt , as part of a "dance wear" theme, and loved the effect the final picture had as I used the remaining material for the background .

My favorite high street shop at the moment , that kind of inspire me , base on the structure of their pieces, is Zara, I find their pieces chic, yet elegant. 

Seeing some of the advertising for this monochrome theme, makes me think that my picture could work just as well !! ;) as as part of being a design project , which is building up, its also a photography project, both are fields that I love !  and to be part from the very beginning such as designing a t-shirt, making it, and then modelling it , its just brings my ideas more alive, in a way, that i know exactly how I want it to look like, how I wanted to wear the t-shirt, and how I want the picture to look like. Also it gives it a bit more personality and uniqueness.

which is something that i like when I'm designing something. Because its nice to have something unique..


Miss Obleas: Fashion

Friday, 22 February 2013

Review ( On a Personal note) : Destinations Travel and Holiday Show @ Earls Court

Destinations Travel and Holiday Show took place at Earls Court , London couple of weeks ago and the atmosphere was wicked! I had the pleasure to be able to take part with HighLives, and be able to talk about the carnivals in Bolivia , and to show the Bolivian dance costume! of course ;)

The people were really interested into finding out more about the Carnival, the country, and also about other Latin American Countries, and as I thought Brazil, seems to be the country that many people wanted to know more about.

The interest that people have in Latin America, its amazing !! I met many people that have been to Bolivia, and wanted to visit it again, I was complimented for the costume, and how I was smiling all the time ;) which is important to me, as I want to give a good impression not only as a dancer, but as person in general. I want people to remember Bolivian people as friendly, happy, and humble.

I had the chance to performed at the World Entertainment Stage, and it was an amazing experience, to see the interest of the people and the congratulations at the end, it makes everything worth it, just having an small impact into someone's life is a priceless reward.

All weekend there was the chance to try Quinoa Vodka , and I taste it , it was amazing! also a selection of quinoa desserts, which people loved, it was nice to see quinoa in a different form, people in the UK I think they related it more like couscous, and make salads, etc, so to see quinoa in Vodka form as well as desserts, had the public surprised !

Over all I think I the event was a success, not only as I enjoyed myself ;), but most importantly because I think Bolivia shined through out the four days of the event, with dance performances, live acoustic andean music, and food to taste.

It was also nice to meet many photographers, and people interested into Latin American affairs here in London. Thank you to the photographers, like Paul Smith who kindly sent me the picture he took from me, showed above.

Thank you !!

for more information about events, or any queries please email me to : lindsey.funes.obleas@gmail.com 

Monday, 18 February 2013

...::: it's Half-term !! Let's Dance !!

"Authentic Bolivian Dance Workshop" - Bernice .
Its half term and Cara A Cara are organising children workshops this week, children will have the opportunity to have their portrait painted by talented London artists as part of the fundraising events and project that they are doing for Street children in Bolivia.

And added to the art workshops , comes a dance workshop !! I'll have the pleasure to be running the Bolivian dance workshop.

I'm from La Paz Bolivia, I've done children and adult dance workshops in Wales and recently in London.
I've dance Bolivian folk music from an early age and develop my knowledge as I continued to dance through the school and continued to dance when I came to London.

The dance workshop brings a little bit of an insight into Bolivia's culture . And children get to learn and experience a little bit of what the children in Bolivia also do at school .. Dance folk music :)

It's entertaining , energetic , educative and most importantly FUN !!

Hope to see you there !!

Dance Workshop at 11:30 am on Wednesday 20th February at Mile End Art Pavilion.

For more information about other workshops, presentations and keep you informed of upcoming events, or for any other questions .Please email me to :


Thursday, 14 February 2013

London's International Fashion Showcase welcomes Bolivia !! :)

Twenty new countries have joined the international fashion showcase and Bolivia is one of them !! :)

"Bolivian-born designer Vivian Hidalgo – now based in London – pays homage to her Andean heritage with her contemporary fashion and accessories. Each piece is a perfect fusion of rural and urban and traditional and modern styles. Taking inspiration from traditional Andean patterns, weaving them into the fabric and conscience of urban fashion and accessories, this exhibition aims to convey the powerful visual language of the Andean Cosmovision.

Every accessory and garment on display will represent a significant Andean time, festival, ceremony and constellation, showing the history, significance and meaning of these ancient activities."

Vivian Hidalgo's website : http://vivianhidalgo.com/

Information taken from the website :  http://www.britishfashioncouncil.co.uk/event/932/International-Fashion-Showcase-2013-Bolivia-Showroom

Information about the showcase :
  • Date(s): 18 February 2013 to 22 February 2013
  • Time: 09:30 - 17:00
  • Type: Showcase
  • Address: Embassy of Bolivia, 106 Eaton Square, London, SW1W 9AD