"Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away."


Love this season monochrome, stripes theme ! I can see already many different styles mixing the two, and I made an stripy t-shirt , as part of a "dance wear" theme, and loved the effect the final picture had as I used the remaining material for the background .

My favorite high street shop at the moment , that kind of inspire me , base on the structure of their pieces, is Zara, I find their pieces chic, yet elegant. 

Seeing some of the advertising for this monochrome theme, makes me think that my picture could work just as well !! ;) as as part of being a design project , which is building up, its also a photography project, both are fields that I love !  and to be part from the very beginning such as designing a t-shirt, making it, and then modelling it , its just brings my ideas more alive, in a way, that i know exactly how I want it to look like, how I wanted to wear the t-shirt, and how I want the picture to look like. Also it gives it a bit more personality and uniqueness.

which is something that i like when I'm designing something. Because its nice to have something unique..