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Wednesday, 17 April 2013

"When Consumers think of Malbec, only one country comes to mind : Argentina" 17th of April : Malbec world Day.

"April 17th was chosen by Wines of Argentina for the celebration of Malbec World Day, not only because the creation of the Quinta Normal represented the transformation of Argentinian winemaking, but because it amounted to the starting point for the development of this variety, the flagship of the Argentine wine industry worldwide".

Malbec was originally one of the minor blending varieties of red Bordeaux, but it's home now is well and truly in Argentina.

Argentina is the main producer of Malvec followed by France, Italy , Spain , south Africa , new Zealand and the USA.

Malbec grapes are reasonable small, very dark and juicy.

The wine's most significant characteristic it's intense dark color. Malbec pairs well with red meats, grilled meats, hard cheeses and pasta with tomato sauce.

And today, Malbec World Day it's being mentioned at the Argentinian Film festival in London , which starts today . Cheers !!

Expect more Argentinian events to come !!!

Latin America moving forward.


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