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Sunday, 13 April 2014

Review: Andean Quinoa Workshop | Learning from the Bolivian Chef: "It's all about being creative"

People from London, Argentina, Colombia, Mexico, Peru, Spain, amongst others, where eager to find out more about the revolutionary healthy Andean grain : quinoa. And everyone enjoyed tasting dishes as well as asking many questions to the Bolivian Chef, at the Super Food Workshop held in London.
Franz, the Bolivian chef who traveled from La Paz to London the day before (as he had a few mishaps with his flight), with all his humbleness, started the workshop thanking everyone and saying "Jallalla Bolivia".

Before the workshop, I had the pleasure to meet, greet and find out more about Franz, (a chef, a dad and a very humble man) as I started talking to him, he kindly responded my questions, at the same time concentrating on the food, ( he was preparing the food prior to the workshop for everybody to taste it), almost everything was ready, there was one lady helping him. Only the final touches were needed. Which I observed and admired.. The attention to detail, the precision, the care that he put in towards the dishes, only made me come to the conclusion that a good chef cooks from his heart, professionally and always thinking about the people.
And it was the case of the Bolivian chef who won the hearts of everybody with his food and his humble personality. 
He briefly told us where his talent has taken him, precisely : around the world! Meeting important people and cooking a fusion of dishes.. If he was in China, for example, he would prepared quinoa sushi.

The people started to arrive, soon the room was full. On the first workshop he told us how to prepare majao (a dish from Santa Cruz -Bolivia normally with rice, which he replaced with quinoa) everyone tried  it and loved it !!!
tasting Majao with quinoa made by Franz ( Bolivian Chef)
The audience started to ask questions which were mostly in Spanish, and he responded happily.
Something that he mention, that is most important, and important for him, is to be creative, trying different recipes, trying to do something different. Perhaps not always following a recipe from top to bottom, but changing it, experimenting..... -"be creative"

On the second part of the workshop, he prepared crepes ( pancakes) made with quinoa flour. Some of us stayed for the second part, and other people arrived and again the room was full. This time the workshop was being, very well translated in English, by Emma.

He talked us through the process of making the pancake and he then, made the sauce. Everyone was looking forward to taste it !!........ well... specially me !!

And it was delicious !! everybody enjoyed it. And afterwards everyone thank the Chef, and praise him, for his talent, for teaching us, for being so kind. And also people were encouraging him to write his own recipe book, people would love to see it happening, and I'm sure that one day, I will not only be learning from his book, but also I'll be writing about about it.

I really hope I get the chance to meet him again, I wish him all the best, I'm sure that he will continue to share his talent from his heart with his humbleness that distinguish him.


Video : Highlights of the Andean Quinoa workshop and Exhibition in London:

    With the Bolivian Chef.

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