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Sunday, 5 March 2017

Friends of Bolivia : Carnival Fiesta 2017

The Carnival is well awaited by Bolivians.. everywhere.. and in London, a Carnival Fiesta is organised by Friends Of Bolivia.
Friends of Bolivia is a UK based Charity dedicated to improving the living conditions of impoverished people in Bolivia.
Every year they put time and effort to make this event happen and this year's fiesta was clearly another success. So firstly a massive thanks to them and all the people who attended and supported the event.

Carnival Fiesta, well.. the title says it all.. a party atmosphere, with food, live music, dance performances, making people happy ,bringing people together.. families and friends.
People queuing for the food

Food is always popular.. this year's menu included lechón (roast pork), falso conejo (braised stake in sauce), picante de pollo (spicy chicken), pukacapas (spicy cheese pastry) and more !!

And there is something about live music, you hear the panpines and you are drawn towards the talented musicians.. Sumaj Pacha ..who during the night played different sets..making people dance ..and yes we danced a lot!

We also got to enjoy the different dance performances of the night, llamerada, morenada, tobas, etc.. everyone was mesmerised by the different dance costumes.

People from Bolivia and from everywhere, enjoyed, danced, and had a nice Bolivian night.. with traditional food, music, dances... it really is a night not to be missed!!
But if you couldn't make it, you can write down in your calendar, make a reminder for their next event, Sunday 28th of May, celebrating Bolivian Mother's day.

You can find more information about their upcoming events, on their website.. you can also become a member, check out the work they do in Bolivia, find out how you can help; if you wish to do so.

I truly enjoyed the Carnival Fiesta, a nice event for families and friends, great to show some of the different folkloric dances, live music.. which for us (bolivians),makes us happy and for the English, Italians, Spaniards..etc.. that attended who also truly enjoyed themsleves, it's an opportunity to see and appreciate our culture and traditions..I was asked about the cueca ( a dance with a handkerchief ) she was mesmerised..she didn't see anything like that before.
Everyone left the Carnival Fiesta happy..

Everyone dancing and enjoying themselves 
Find more information about
Friends Of Bolivia :

Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/Friends-of-Bolivia-123368584663/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/friendsbolivia

And see you at their next event !

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