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Friday, 15 March 2013

Review: Bolivia, Colombia, Mexico, on TV: Let's Dance for Comic Relief Live !!

On saturday 9th of March Latinos in London were on live British National TV !! Latin american dance groups from Bolivia, Colombia and Mexico, represented Latin America on the Lets Dance for Comic Relief, live Final.on BBC1.

From Bolivia (Bolivian Heritage) from Mexico ( dance group Mestizo) , Colombia ( dance group Talentos, and Cumbe )

I was so exited to hear the news that my friend and I could take part, and didn't quite believe it until we were in the studios ! To be able to represent your country on national TV was amazing and truly an unforgettable experience! as on British TV, you don't really see this happening!.

And probably this was the first time that Bolivia, was represented on TV ....by two dancers, from Bolivian Heritage, Angela, and myself ( Lindsey). We dance Bolivian Folkloric music at different events in and outside London, we participated at charity events as well as festivals, and other events. And this experience of taking part on National British TV was extra special :)
special thanks to our friend C.N.

I think any opportunity to represent Bolivia is especial, more when people really appreciate and congratulate you on what you do. It feels like you are doing your country proud !

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