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Monday, 5 March 2012

Gig Review : Lokandes @ The Finsbury Pub

Lokandes @ the Finsbury pub

On Saturday 3rd of March 2012 I had the pleasure to go to the gig at the Finsbury pub and listen to such talent ; Lokandes.

I first saw them perform at a Bolivian group' concert; Los Kjarkas, couple of years ago. And now I finally had the time to go and see them play almost for the first time.

For me, coming from Bolivia, its really nice to listen to the instruments such as: charango, quena, zampona. It really brings me back some memories and reminds me, where I come from and also to be proud of my country. It makes me more proud to know that one of the members, the only woman of the group, is from Bolivia. Lokandes has a variety of members from Peru, Bolivia,Gran Canarias, Beijing,Paris. A diverse group with very much their own diverse music.

The crowd at the venue near the manor house station, in London, really enjoyed their performance, It was a mixed crowd, people sitting beside me, asked me questions, about where were they from, they were impressed by all of them, paying also compliments to the only woman in the group, playing the zampona and quena. Also by the charismatic and entertaining performance by Kanti, the signer and musician, from Peru. They appreciated, enjoyed and very much liked the performance and talent of all of the members that brings together: Lokandes.  

To listen to such a diverse and well interpreted fusion of music, between Afro-Andean-Latin-funk, something different, their own music, with popularity and appreciation among a mixed crowd from different backgrounds, its absolutely great, something that perhaps only Lokandes has managed to achieve in London. 

Truly great talent, and also had the pleasure to chat with them, get to know them more, they are truly friendly, humble and talented people. And I wish them all the best in their future.

I'll be looking very much forward to see them play again sometime soon.

And don't miss the the chance to go to their gigs, for more information about the group and up-coming performances, visit their facebook page :http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=611736961&ref=tn_tnmn#!/LokandesMusic?sk=info

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