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Monday, 5 March 2012

Miss Obleas: Photography

Miss Obleas: Photography: " Not just a Picture "

I always like photography , it amazes me how you can almost tell a whole story by one picture.

Its diverse, and you can create almost a very unique and different picture every single time, its unique, and that's what I like. When taking pictures of family, friends, etc, you are capturing perhaps memorable, or even funny memories, that you can look back at and say, "ohhh yeah I remember that day"

I always like ability to be creative and create something unique and different. I could say that perhaps the pictures I take, are based in what I would call CD covers theme, well I remember doing a project for my art-graphics course, based in trying to capture the things that I like, things that can perhaps describe me, etc. Well I chose to capture a picture with a fusion of the things I like, and yes I love music, therefore I wanted to create a CD cover.

Now for me the pictures that perhaps are the "good-ones" are the ones that are taken naturally and in the moment, almost without even thinking too much about it. I stayed focused with this Cd covers theme simply because I like the fact that the one single picture of CD tells a lot about the artist, the music, the whole CD and its the first thing that catches your eyes when you see it, it has to be different it has to perhaps stand out, and it has to be able to attract people, it can also become like a memorabilia, for collection, etc. and it has to attract that important selling point.

That's why I like to get involved in the process of taking pictures, for example,

The stripy theme picture.

I like designing and making stuff, from cards to clothes etc.
So I decided to make a t-shirt, a unique stripy t-shirt. OK I design it, I made it, and then if I wanted to show my own designed t-shirt in a way that attracts people, and perhaps capture attention, but most importantly in a creative and unique way, I had to do something different. something like this --->

I had some of the material left, which I used for the background, and I knew exactly how I wanted the picture to look like, the angle from where it had to be taken, and of course which pose etc, I had to do.
so I ask someone, to hold the camera form where I told them, and ask to take the pics.

After a selection of pictures taken I chose this one, I like the way the stripes from the t-shirt combines with the material from the background. and it makes it something different and unique, with no much alteration in the computer appart from just turning the colour into black and white.

And I reckon this picture could well be a  nice Cd cover ;


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