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Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Miss Obleas: Gardening

Miss Obleas: Gardening:
 Strawberries' Diary

One of my favourite fruits, have to be strawberries, and the best thing is that they are easy to grow.
Home-grown fruit is deliciuos, nutritious and inexpensive to produce.

The bare essentials :

Water young plants in dry weather until they are well stablished.
Feed all plants, canes young trees with an all-purpose, organic fertilizer in early spring.
Apply goods garden compost around all bushes, canes and young trees in early spring.

Prune if essential.
Use a seeweed liquid feed as a foliar spray if a plant looks as if it needs a bit of a boost, or is weakened by pests or disease.

The strawberries can be planted in pots , however they require a good care routine. They will taste their sweetest and most delicious when grown where they can benefit from plenty of sunshine.
Pruning: Tidy plants up in the spring, cut off any dead growth.

Mid March.
My pot of strawberries is already showing green leaves !! ,
at this stage It is important to cut off any dead growth,
and keep the new green leaves.
They were inside the green-house, but because of the weather,
as we are at the last week of March, there is plenty of sunshine,
so I decided to take them outside,
were they can benefit from all the sunshine ;)
which is really important.

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